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'Harubaru Hinode' (日ノ出 春晴(ひので はるばる), Hinode Harubaru?) is the main character of the manga and anime series, BakuTech! Bakugan, by CoroCoro Comics. He is the partner and owner of Flare Dragaon. Raichi is Harubaru's friend. He later teamed up with Raichi, Koh Grif, and Sho Grif to form Team Dragaon.


Harubaru is a preteen boy with flaming orange hair and green eyes. He wears a white fur-lined red jacket, yellow short pants, yellow socks and red rubber shoes. Also, like his predecessor, he wears a pair of goggles on his head.

2 years later in the series, Harubaru gets a new appearance; he's now taller & his new style & hairstyle is similar to that of Harou Kido's.


BakuTech! Bakugan

The Bakugan-loving Protagonist. He uses the Pyrus attribute and his Guardian Bakugan "Flare Dragaon" (which evolved to "Gren Dragaon" and later into "Rise Dragaon"). He is hot-blooded and reckless at times. His childhood friend, Raichi, often helps him get out of sticky situations but the two are often regarded as moreover friendly rivals.

Though without the titles of BakuTech at the beginning, Harubaru was enthusiastic that he comforted Raichi who wanted to give up playing Bakugan. Finally, he and Raichi passed the test of Master Shimo and obtained their titles.

His Special Shooting Skills are "BakuTech Flare Shoot," "BakuTech Double Flare Shoot" and "BakuTech Zigzag Flare Shoot."

His first person pronoun is "Ore" and his second person pronoun is "Temee." [1]


Harubaru makes his debut in the first episode where he launches Flare Dragaon to save a boy named Tatsuma from being overrun by a car. He later brawls against Raichi Kuronashi in the Bakugan Dojo. He won the brawl and received Metal Cross parts from Master Shimo as his prize.





  • Harubaru's personality is comparable to that of Dan Kuso's during the first two seasons of Bakugan.


BakuTech! Bakugan (Anime)

Harubaru fought eight battles and won six of them. He is known to confide in Dragaon whom he affectionately calls as his Companion (Aibou) before performing a winning shot.

Opponent(s) Episode(s)


Raichi Kuronashi 1 Win
Koh 4 Win
Tohga (Tag with Raichi and Sho) 5 Lose
Quilt 8 Win
Karashina, Tohga and Jinza (Tag with Raichi and Tatsuma) 10 - 14 Win
Zakuro 18 Win
Tatsuma 19 Lose
Harou Kido 21 Win