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The Gauntlet is a large bracelet-like device developed by the Vestals to simplify Bakugan brawls, and is the only way to brawl in Bakugan: New Vestroia, probably because the Gauntlet is the only thing that can bypass the dimension waves emitted by the Dimension Controllers in the first half of the series.

It is used mainly for storing and activating Ability Cards, showing G-Power, showing the current brawlers in a battle, and the brawlers' life force gauge. Some Gauntlets have also been shown to launch Bakugan and Gate Cards, and form energy blades for physical battles. They are also capable of stopping time around them.

The brawl will be started when all the battlers shout "Gauntlet Power Strike!" ("Gantoretto Chiyaji-on!" / "Gauntlet Charge-on!" in Japanese), after which, the center of the Gauntlet will flash and the brawl can begin. The device is operated by pressing a button on the tip, and then the compartment that cards go into will open. When the command "scan Bakugan data" is given, an area comes out, then the Bakugan is placed on it. Going through Dr. Michael's Dimension Gate requires a Gauntlet, although the Dimension Gate has been destroyed.



A Resistance and Vexos gauntlet

Gaunlets come in the color of the attribute the person uses. Examples are:

The Vexos Gauntlets look the same as other Gauntlets, with the exceptions of having black trim instead of white and three horns on the rear.

Zenoheld's Gauntlet looks slightly larger than the other's due to his size, and can launch Bakugan and Gate Cards. They can also store Battle Gear, hack online systems and perform other tasks.

Gaunlets can also be used in actual hand-to-hand combat as well as Bakugan battles. To do this, the user must use a certain type of Ability Card which will cause the Gauntlet to project a wide thin beam of energy initially in the shape of a long knife, however the user may at will extend the energy blade. This particular ability debuted in the battle between Spectra Phantom and Cyborg Helios vs Dan Kuso and Neo Dragonoid and has now become a regularly used element in the show. It has also been used by Mylene Farrow who used it as a weapon to attack Mira Fermin and Keith Fermin and by Gus Grav to attack King Zenoheld.


  • The Gauntlet's work in a way similar to Duel Disks in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
  • In Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, they replaced it with the BakuMeter. Like the gauntlet, the BakuMeter can also open a time-freezing battlefield outside Bakugan Interspace with a push of a few buttons. So far, as of episode 13, only one person is needed to activate the field but at least two people to start the battle.
  • The Gauntlet is one of the few real weapons in the series.
  • No Battle Gear matching the colors of Aquos or Darkus Bakugan have been summoned from a Gauntlet.
  • A different version of the Gauntlet was shown on the Toys R Us website.
  • The Gauntlet on the Toys R Us website could possibly be from Europe because the card appears to be a European Ability Card.
  • In the first episode of New Vestroia, the Gauntlet makes a different sound for G-Power increasing than the later episodes.
  • When the Gauntlet makes a 'klank' noise, the side panels are clamping to the users wrist.
  • Marucho's Gauntlet appears to be the smallest Gauntlet in the anime.
  • The Gauntlet is the largest device seen used to start a Bakugan battle in all seasons of the Bakugan TV series.