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Fusion Confusion is the 45th episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on April 3, 2010.


While Keith Clay has easily settled in as the newest member of the Resistance, with the exception of a jealous Ace Grit, Zenoheld abuses Prince Hydron due to his failure. Mylene Pharaoh tries to stand up for him; however the King rejects her, until Hydron puts the blame on Professor Clay. Zenoheld agrees to put the blame on Mira's dad. He discovers the secrets of the DNA code as well as where the transmission originated from (possibly from Neathia). Meanwhile, Marucho Marukura analyzes the same data as well as the one Keith received anonymously and discovers they are identical. Keith then suggests constructing Battle Gear for Drago. Drago denies at first feeling it would be wrong being part machine, but Keith assures him that the Battle Gear will be constructed from Drago's own DNA. This along with the lasting Vexos threat, Drago agrees, but must undergo a battle to test the virtual prototype. They enter Bakugan Interspace and Keith volunteers to use Ventus Hawktor (Shun's Guardian) and Subterra Coredem, (both appear in Gundalian Invaders) to battle Dan and Drago as Spectra Phantom. When Dan equips the Battle Gear, Drago struggles with it as his body is rejecting the Battle Gear. However, Drago continues to push forward and wins the battle, but nearly passes out due to the amount of power needed to control JetKor. Fortunately, enough data was gathered to construct a Battle Gear that would not harm Drago's body. Shun and the other Brawlers hope that Keith finishes Drago's Battle Gear before Zenoheld and the Vexos strike. The episode ends with Professor Clay telling Zenoheld about his ultimate and deadliest creation against the Brawlers denominated The Alternative.

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  • Spectra Vs Dan

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