Fusion Abilities are special Ability Cards for a Bakugan. Fusion Abilities aren't always very powerful. For example, Alpha Hydranoid's Fusion Ability Final Demolition only adds 100 Gs to Alpha Hydranoid. But there are very powerful ones such as Dryoid's Fusion Ability, Double Caliber that adds 600 Gs to Dryoid. Fusion abilities were barely used in the first season; they were used more frequently in the second season, then declined in usage again in the third season. After BakuFusion combinations began appearing in the middle of the fourth season, Fusion Abilities were used on a regular basis.

Fusion Abilities requires a certain ability to be activated in order to be used. At least a single Fusion Ability is also required in order to use Triple Ability.

List of Bakugan that have Fusion Abilities

Combinations with Fusion Abilities

  • Betakor: Abyss Render and Terra Blue
  • Scorptak: Mag Extreme, Mega Splinter, Power Ditch
  • Volkaos: Hydro Monsoon, Blast Burn

Forbidden Fusion Abilities

Advanced Fusion Abilities


  • All versions of Hydranoid have Fusion Abilities.