Fire Scorpion
BK Traps Fire Scorpion
Variations Scorpion
Fire Scorpion

Fire Scorpion is a Bakugan Trap and a variation of Scorpion.



Fire Scorpion is a special Bakugan Trap. Its massive claws can clamp down on its opponent and thrash them about. The hard armor that covers its body is extremely light, allowing Fire Scorpion to move quickly.


Fire Scorpion has been released in only two variants; A normal Pyrus version included with an Ultra Dragonoid in a Dan Combat Set, or a Ventus version released as a single product during Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.

A unique "feature" of sorts that Fire Scorpion possesses is a button on its head. When pressed, will release its tail forward and launch a Bakugan sitting in front of it.


  • On a Fire Scorpion is shown under the name of 'Scorpion' while 'Fire Scorpion' is nowhere to be seen.

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