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Fire Scorpion
BK Traps Fire Scorpion
Variations Scorpion
Fire Scorpion

Fire Scorpion is a Bakugan Trap and is also a variation of Scorpion.



Fire Scorpion is a special Bakugan Trap. Its massive claws can clamp down on its opponent and thrash them about. The hard armor that covers its body is extremely light, allowing Fire Scorpion to move quickly.

In New Vestroia, Fire Scorpion was only released in a combat set and in only one Attribute, Pyrus. In Mechtanium Surge, it was re-released as a BakuSteel Trap in Ventus.


It was released in Dan's Combat Set together with a normal Pyrus Ultra Dragonoid. Fire Scorpion has a button on its head. You pull back the tail, it clicks, put a Bakugan in front of Fire Scorpion's face, then press the button on its head. It releases the tail, shooting the Bakugan onto the Gate Card.

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