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Attribute Haos Haos
Darkus Darkus
Aquos Aquos
Pyrus Pyrus
Subterra Subterra
Power 600 G
Variations Gren
First appearance The Visitor

'Fangoid' (ファンゴイド Fangoido) is a Bakugan. Its ball form is similar to that of Abis Omega. Its appearance in Bakugan form is very similar to that of Hydranoid. Fangoid also looks like a dinosaur.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

A Haos Fangoid was used by Fabia in episode 3 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders against Dan.

Another Haos Fangoid appeared in episode 8 along with a Haos Jetro as "practice dummies" for the recruited Gundalian soldiers, where it faced off against Casey's Buz Hornix and lost.

In episode 11, an army of Haos Fangoids appeared using Battle Gear similar to Twin Destructor.

In episode 14, some Fangoids appeared guarding the second shield.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

One Darkus Fangoid appears in episode 1 fighting against a Ventus Spidaro.

A Aquos Fangoid appears in episode 7.

In Return to New Vestroia, a Subterra Fangoid was defeated by Taylean.

A Pyrus Fangoid appeared in episode 10 but was defeated quickly by Bolcanon and his BakuNano Hyper Pulsor.

A Haos Fangoid appears with an Aquos Jetro fighting the Chaos Bakugan.

A Fangoid appeared in episode 28 helping out Bakugan City but later defeated by the nonet Bakugan.

A Pyrus, Aquos, and Haos Fangoid were seen in episode 33, using an unknown firework attack, then later with other Bakugan and later were shown upset.

Ability Cards
  • Goliath Snow: Nullifies the opponent's abililty.
  • Luna Spartan: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.


The Aquos version has 800 Gs, 680 Gs, or 790 Gs, the Darkus version has 660 Gs, the Subterra version has 690 or 870 Gs, the Haos version has 800 Gs. and the Ventus version has 850 Gs.  It is also available in Pyrus. It is in the BakuStand series, released in Wave 4.


  • The shields on Fangoid appear to look similar to Poké Balls from the Pokémon franchise.
  • The bottom part of his ball form seems to bear a resemblance to Rickoran's ball form.
  • Fangoid is the only Bakugan that can be used for more than one type of Special Evolution Bakugan.

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