Falcon Fly
BK Traps Falcon Fly
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Power 350 Gs
Variations Falcon Fly
Flash Falcon Fly
First appearance Freedom Run

Falcon Fly (ファルコンフライ Farukon Furai) is Ace Grit's Bakugan Trap, that Percival can stand and ride on. It takes the shape of a rectangular prism in Trap form. It evolves into Flash Falcon Fly. Falcon Fly is part of the BakuSteel Trap series.



Falcon Fly is a Bakugan Trap that combines with Percival. Its large wings make it quicker than a dragonfly while its dark color makes it difficult to see at night. It has a very thin body that makes it almost invisible when attacking straight on. To destroy its enemies, Falcon Fly shoots laser beam blasts from its eyes.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Falcon Fly first appeared in episode 9, Ace used it to help Percival to take down Meta Altair along with Ingram and Hylash.

In episode 13, he saved Percival from Elico but lost along with him.

In episode 23, he assisted Percival, Drago, and Scorpion against Gus and his Mechanical Bakugan Traps. They were victorious.

Ability Card
  • Fly Enemy: Adds 200 Gs to Falcon Fly.


  • Despite its name, Falcon Fly does not resemble a falcon in any way.
  • Falcon Fly was the only Bakugan Trap in the anime to actually evolve - hence into Flash Falcon Fly.
  • Falcon Fly is the only Bakugan Trap to fly before it transforms into real form.
  • In the prototype the black and purple color scheme is switched

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