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A image of 2 fake Bakugan (in the left and right), and 1 real (in the center). They are all different size, and they are all Pyrus, but the smallest, however, is blue.

Fake Bakugan are Bakugan made by people or companies other than SpinMaster. They are not official and cannot be used in Bakugan Tournaments. Real Bakugan have screws with triangles (not X's with the exception of a few first release), serial numbers, and they have 'S/S/B' or 'ST/SML' and 'China' inside them, though these traits can appear on Fake Bakugan too. Examples of Fake Bakugan include: Bao-Wan, Baodan, Burst-Egg, Burst Ball, and Bomb Ball. Also some may have SpinMaster and Sega Toys sign but the Bakugan inside is fake. Fake Bakugan come with Fake Gate Cards which sometimes are written in Chinese. There are also fake Bakugan in the Indian Subcontinent, they have different coloring that does not resemble a true Bakugan, such as pink or orange or putting a colour without the symbol for Pyrus. Fake Bakugan also might be slightly bigger than a real Bakugan. They are mostly found at flea markets and local businesses.

McDonald's Bakugan happy meal toys and cards, and Bakugan keychains are not considered fake Bakugan.