Sun, wind, and rain combine! Let Aquos Elfin appear!

Elfin, Various episodes

Image 320 240 (13)
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Ventus Ventus
Darkus Darkus
Power 400 Gs
Variations Elfin
Dual Elfin
Minx Elfin
Dual Elfin Revolution
Mutant Elfin
First appearance Marucho's Mission
Voiced by Caroly Larson

Elfin (エルフィン Erufin) is an elf-like Bakugan with a frog head on top of her normal head. She is Marucho's third Guardian Bakugan and appears in Bakugan: New Vestroia.



Elfin can change attributes and shoot arrows from her fingers to gain an advantage during battle. She protects the Bakugan in the forest from the Vexos, and later tested Marucho to prove his worthiness as a partner.


She seems to care quite a bit about appearance, telling Marucho that her ideal Brawler partner should look his best and be in good shape. Also, when she battles, like Preyas she can change her Attribute. So far the only Attribute changes seen in the Anime were Darkus and Ventus. Elfin reveals she has a parasol for keeping cool, while in the desert with Marucho. It is revealed that she knew Preyas before he was captured by the Vestals. She has a crush on him since she says that it was "love at first sight" when she first met him.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

In Marucho's Mission, it is shown she protects the Bakugan in the forest from the Vexos. She later tested Marucho to prove his worthiness as a partner. Together they battled the Aquos Vexos member Mylene Farrow with Elfin facing off against Abis Omega, then Clawcer and Stug at the same time and then facing the Bakugan Trap Tripod Theta. While Elfin was able to defeat her first three opponents without getting into a serious jam, she was overpowered by Tripod Theta and would have been captured if not for the intervention of Ingram and Shun Kazami who were nearby.

In Surprise Visitor and Gate Crashers, she faced off against Sylvee under the command of Shadow Prove and after a relatively tough fight emerged victorious.

In Duel in the Dunes, Elfin lost a brawl against Mega Brontes and Volt due to the ability Aurora Dimension, but she was not taken due to the power level difference only being 400 Gs.

Also, Elfin's voice changed in Underground Take Down to a more bubbly and spunky version of her previous cute and sweet one. Elfin tags with Ingram to battle Elico and Hades and they win.

In Final Countdown, Elfin along with Ingram and Thunder Wilda almost crack the code to free Hydranoid, Skyress, Tigrerra, Gorem and Preyas. Elfin trips and accidentally cracks the code. Then Elfin, Ingram and Wilda dance in a ring: Elfin: "I'm so brilliant!". Ingram: "Yes you are!". Wilda: "Victory! Well done!"

In Reunion, she and Preyas fight over who's Marucho's Guardian Bakugan, Marucho resolves their argument by letting both of them be his Guardian Bakugan.

In Six Degrees of Destruction, Elfin evolves due to the Six Ancient Soldiers giving their Attribute Energies to Drago and the others. Elfin gained Frosch's Attribute Energy and evolved to Minx Elfin.

Ability Cards
  • Wing Mercury: Adds 200 Gs to Elfin. (Ventus)
  • Twinback: Any G-Power taken from Elfin is returned and doubled. (Darkus)
  • Moon Rainbow: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Elfin. (Darkus)
  • Delta Marine Snow: Nullifies and blocks the opponent's abilities for a short time. (Aquos)
  • Subterra Reaction: Changes the opponent's attribute to Subterra.
  • Shooting Stardust: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Elfin.
  • Blue Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 200 Gs to Elfin. (Aquos)
  • Jamming Out: Reflects the opponent's ability. (Ventus)


Elfin was released in all Attributes as a G-Power and Attribute Change Bakugan.

The highest G Power on the attribute change is 700 Gs.

In Japan, the Aquos version that can change to Darkus or Ventus in BST-05 comes with 400 Gs, 420 Gs, or 440 Gs. The Aquos version that can change to Darkus or Ventus in BO-06 comes with 420 Gs, 440 Gs, or 460 Gs.


  • Elfin has some strange personality quirks as when she finishes off a Bakugan, she will strike a pose very similar to the one of Sailor Moon. Her looks also resemble the character. She also uses a parody of Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, a deadly martial arts technique from the anime Fist Of The North Star, as her finishing move in some battles.
    • Elfin's frog head looks like Usagi (Japanese)/Serena (English) Tsukino's hair from the anime Sailor Moon. Serena's clips are represented by Elfin's frog head's eyes and Serena's hair is represented by the fins out of Elfin's frog head.
    • When Elfin appears she does a thing similar to Sailor Moon's transformation, Moon Prism Power, Make up!
      • Also some of the cast members of Bakugan also were in the DiC dub of Sailor Moon
  • Along with Preyas and Elico, Elfin is fully animated and her mouth moves when she talks.
  • Elfin is the only female bakugan in the main lineup in New Vestoria.
  • She is Marucho's only female bakugan.
  • In the anime, she has five fingers, while in the game she has three.
  • Her name is probably based on elves, mischievous mythical creatures.
  • Elfin and Preyas have the same basic ball form, probably due to how Preyas said that she is part of the Preyas family of Bakugan.
  • Elfin is also the name of an Australian sports car manufacturer.
  • It is interesting to note that when she first met Marucho while they were about to battle Mylene, she told him that she would agree to a temporary partnership whereas after they, as well as the other Brawlers, destroyed the three Dimension Controllers, she sounded more interested in being Marucho's Bakugan for longer.
  • In Bakugan: Defenders of the Core, she is the second non-Trap Bakugan to battle the player (the first is Maxus Dragonoid in Interspace), although she is the first non-Trap Bakugan to battle the player under Vexos control.
  • Elfin is also the name of a rabbit breed, Elfin Dwarf Rabbits.

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