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El Condor
BK CD ElCondor
Attribute Ventus Ventus
Haos Haos
Subterra Subterra
Power 380 Gs
Variations El Condor
Triad El Condor
First appearance Duel in the Desert

'El Condor' (エルコンドル Erukondoru) is a totem pole-like Bakugan. It has the ability to fly, even though it has no visible means by which to do so. There is a Trap version of El Condor named Triad El Condor, which may be an evolved form of El Condor.



El Condor is a shaman-like Bakugan in a mysterious totem shape. He has amazing ability to fly, soaring like a giant condor over its opponents in battle. El Condor can neutralize its enemies with a dazzling laser beam and then attacks his opponents.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

A Ventus El Condor is owned by Komba O'Charlie and Nene.

A Subterra El Condor was used by Daisy Makimoto in Julie Makimoto's test. Daisy's El Condor was able to talk and said, "You're going down, brawler" in a froggy-like voice.

In Alice Gehabich's battle against Klaus Von Hertzon, Klaus used a Haos El Condor, which was part of his extensive Bakugan collection.

Ability Cards
  • Hot Blast: Subtracts 100 Gs from each opponent. (Haos, Ventus)
  • Solar Plexus: Nullifies the Gate Card and subtracts 50 Gs from the opponent. (Ventus)
  • Blow Away: Moves the opponent to another Gate Card. (Ventus)
  • Dragoon: Adds the opponent's current G-Power to El Condor. (Subterra)


El Condor was released in all Attributes, except Pyrus. An Aquos version has 510 Gs, a Darkus version has 340, 560, or 660 Gs, a Haos version has 560 Gs or 580 Gs, a Subterra version has 420, 470, or 650 Gs, a Ventus version has 390, 480, 520, 600, or 660 Gs, and a Clear version has 500 Gs or 580 Gs.

In Japan, the Haos version in BCV-01 comes with 350 Gs or 450 Gs.

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