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BK Traps Dynamo
Attribute Haos Haos
Power 400 Gs
First appearance Duel in the Dunes

Dynamo is Volt's Bakugan Trap and it has the shape of a hexagonal prism.



Dynamo links up with Brontes as a Bakugan Trap to form a brutal brawler. If another Bakugan looks into his three red eyes, that Bakugan falls into a trance and becomes defenseless. Dynamo uses his large pinchers to grasp and thrash opponents around, and his six legs make him extremely maneuverable.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

It is a Mechanical Bakugan and also the second cybernetic Trap shown in the show. It is the only Trap that can combine with two Bakugan in the anime; it can combine with Mega Brontes to form Dynamo Brontes and with Boriates to form Battle Arm Boriates.

Dynamo first appears in Duel in the Dunes when Volt battles Marucho, revealing that Brontes can dock on to Dynamo to form Dynamo Brontes. Because of that, Volt won the match and took Marucho hostage.

Dynamo reappeared in Wall to Wall Brawl, where he once again combined with Brontes, but lost the battle to Mega Nemus and Piercian.

Dynamo's last appearance was in Samurai Showdown, in which it is shown that he can also connect to Boriates. In this form, known as Battle Arm Mode, Dynamo becomes a rotating cannon on Boriates right arm. Volt calls him "Drone Spider" in this episode, possibly because he nicknamed his Bakugan Trap, like Shun, Dan, Ace, and Baron.

Ability Cards
  • Gillian Cords: Adds 200 Gs to Dynamo.
  • Sub Dimension: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Vector Phalanx: Adds 400 Gs to Dynamo and Boriates each. (Battle Arm Boriates only)

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