Desert Duel is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can only use Marucho. After defeating Typhoon and rescuing Marucho, you head back to Eva's ship but Asteria gets in your way. Dan decides to let Marucho handle this one and you battle. Also, in this battle - Eva shows you Elfin's abilities, Akwimos as a new Replicator Bakugan and Tripod Epsilon as a new Bakugan Trap. This battle has 13 waves in total.





Pyrus /Aquos Clawsaurus

Aquos Ramdol

Aquos Razenoid

Aquos Krowll


Wave 1:Pyrus Clawsaurus x7

Wave 2:Aquos Clawsaurus x20

Wave 3:Aquos Razenoid x1/Aquos Ramdol x5

Wave 4:Aquos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 5:Aquos Ramdol x15

Wave 6:Aquos Ramdol x10

Wave 7:Aquos Clawsaurus x20

Wave 8:Aquos Ramdol x7

Wave 9:Aquos Ramdol x30

Wave 10:Aquos Clawsaurus x40

Wave 11:Aquos Krowll x1

Wave 12:Aquos Clawsaurus x40

Wave 13:Aquos Krowll x2

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