Defend the Ship is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


After you (as Mira) defeat Typhoon, you journey back to Eva's ship but before you arrive, Asteria ambushes you before you reach it. You will have to battle to move on. After you defeat her, she throws her Bakugan Krakenoid at Eva's Ship, damaging it a bit. This battle has 11 waves in total.





Aquos /Darkus /Subterra Clawsaurus

Aquos Infinity Helios

Aquos/Pyrus Dryoid

Aquos Ramdol

Aquos Verias


Wave 1:Aquos Infinity Helios x1/Aquos Clawsaurus x5

Wave 2:Aquos Infinity Helios x1/Aquos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 3:Aquos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 4:Aquos Dryoid x1/Aquos Clawsaurus x15

Wave 5:Aquos Ramdol x10

Wave 6:Aquos Ramdol x20

Wave 7:Pyrus Dryoid x1/Darkus Clawsaurus x10

Wave 8:Aquos Dryoid x1/Aquos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 9:Aquos Ramdol x10/Darkus Clawsaurus x10

Wave 10:Darkus Clawsaurus x10/Subterra Clawsaurus x10

Wave 11:Aquos Verias x2

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