Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
First appearance Triple Threat

Deezall is a Chaos Mechtogan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It was Bolcanon's Mechtogan, It belongs to Mag Mel, which he shares with Anubias and Sellon.



With double barreled blasters mounted on his stout shoulders, Deezall weapons up to extraordinary force. A metallic head that can focus on his enemy's weaknesses with chilling precision. Plated body armor enables him to withstand his enemy's toughest attacks.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Deezall first appeared in Triple Threat, controlled by Sellon alongside Miserak and Rockfist. They were able to overpower Zenthon, but were easily defeated when Zenthon Titan appeared.

in Battle Lines, he was summoned by Sellon alongside Braxion and Rockfist, but was later defeated by Infinity Trister with Cannonfury.

In Unlocking the Gate, he was summoned by Mag Mel but lost to Swift Sweep.

In True Colors, he was summoned by Anubias alongside Rockfist, but lost to Swift Sweep once again.
Sfx animation deezall win

Deezall's Victory Scream on Dimensions.

In Unfinished Business, he was summoned by Anubias alongside Venexus and Smasheon to fight Titanium Dragonoid, Zenthon, and Zenthon Titan but was easily defeated.

In Interspace Armageddon, he appeared again but was defeated easily by Slynix.


Deezall is #4 in the series. The Haos version has 190 Gs, the Subterra version (either standard or Combat) has 210 Gs or (standard only) 200 Gs, and the Ventus version has 200 Gs.


  • In its Mechtogan form, it resembles Laserman.
  • Deezall looks like a robotic machine, which would relate to the fuel diesel.

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