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Variations Dragonoid
Delta Dragonoid
Ultimate Dragonoid
Infinity Dragonoid
Mock Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid
Cross Dragonoid
Vexos Dragonoid
Hyper Dragonoid
Pyro Dragonoid
Ultra Dragonoid
Spin Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid Vortex
Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon
Turbine Dragonoid
Cyclone Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus)
Maxus Dragonoid
Maxus Cross Dragonoid
Helix Dragonoid
Lumino Dragonoid
Blitz Dragonoid
Sky & Gaia Dragonoid
Chance Dragonoid
Quake Dragonoid
Battalix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Colossus
Titanium Dragonoid
Fusion Dragonoid
Meta Dragonoid
Iron Dragonoid
Mercury Dragonoid
Commandix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Destroyer
Blast Dragonoid

Dartaak (Dart Dragonoid) is a cylinder-shaped dart-like Bakugan and a variation of Dragonoid.



Dartaak is an intricate double-strike Bakugan that acts with rapid strikes in battle. The speed of Dartaak's attack takes opponents off guard and gives him every advantage. He is wily, cunning, and agile.

Sfx animation dartaak win

Dartaak's Victory Scream on Dimensions.


It was released in Wave 4 of Gundalian Invaders. Even though it was actually supposed to be Dart Dragonoid, its name was changed to Dartaak.

The Ventus version has 780 Gs in the main piece and 70 Gs in the Projectile Piece, for a total of 850 Gs. The Darkus version has 860 + 40 in the BakuBoost and 680 + 70 in the BakuTriad in a French magazine it comes with 850+820 (which is possibly a mistake). The Haos version has 700 + 90. The Aquos version has 650 + 50. Dartaak has been seen in all attributes except Pyrus and Subterra.

Ruling by Spin Master:

"How do I use Dartaak in battle? Roll Dartaak into battle. If it lands on a Gate Card it will shoot open. If Dartaak initially opens on your opponent’s Gate Card, add up both G-Powers shown on both pieces of Dartaak and proceed with your battle as normal. If Dartaak initially opens on your Gate Card, you can only use the G-Power on the main piece (the piece that stays behind, not the projectile piece)."


  • Although it may appear as a 2-in-1 Bakugan in ball form, it is actually one Bakugan.
  • He is one of a few non-sphere shaped Core Bakugan.

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