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Daftorix is a BakuNano. It is Spyron's BakuNano. It opens in a way similar to Hyper Pulsor.



When worn on the back of a Bakugan, Daftorix can release energy in all directions. This gives the user a distinct advantage in battle.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

It was first used in Mind Search against the Brawlers.

In Re-connection, it was used once more with Spyron, utilizing its ability to control weather phenomenons against Trister.

Daftorix was used for the final time in A Hero Returns. Combined with five other BakuNanos used by the elite Chaos Bakugan, it overwhelmed Titanium Dragonoid and eventually defeated him.


A Silver Daftorix has 50 Gs and its Copper variation has 80 Gs.


  • The way it acts and positions itself in the anime resembles Vilantor Gear. Though, unlike Vilantor Gear, it adds onto Spyron's wings, unlike how Vilantor Gear replaced Plitheon's wings.