Custom Bakugan are Bakugan that had been altered by the fans using their own methods and skills. Popular methods of alteration include the following:

Popular Methods

  • Changing Gs - Altering the preset G power to a certain amount, usually to thousands or millions more.
  • Changing Colors - Most repaints are done with whichever material is available for hobbyists in the market. Popular repaints include additional paint job to make the Bakugan look closer to how they appeared in Canon.
  • Putting an LED light in them - Small LED lights used for customizing "plamo robots" are most likely used.
  • Swapping Body Parts - Prior to the BakuTech series, particularly Bakugan Armors, Bakugan fans have attempted to swap the body parts of certain Bakugan to create a new combination. Similarly, two Zoobles be used to create Wontu.
  • Alteration of Apperance - Some Bakugan have their appearances altered with the use of certain modelling material such as Oven-baked Clay. Other applicable parts and technologies can be used as well. An example of this in retail is a series of Chinese Parodies known as Bao Wan Boy and Sacred Stone which are actually Season 1 and 2 Bakugan with altered appearances.
  • Customized from Scratch - In the advent of 3D Printer technology made for retail purposes; it is now possible for private individuals to bring media-exclusive Bakugan to the real world.