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Current of Time is a time warp discovered by Worton in the Doom Dimension.

Screen Shot 2012-01-14 at 5.27.39 PM

Current of Time in the Doom Dimension


The Current of Time is a time warp located in the Doom Dimension that allows any number of people and Bakugan to go back to a time they all have a connection to. While going through the time warp, each person and Bakugan looks at a past memory when the current is getting strong. The user(s) of the time warp can only go through it and stay in it if they have enough power to keep it open. If more than one user tries to go through the current, someone will need to sacrifice to give their energy to the time warp in order to go back into a point of the past.


Worton discovered the Current of Time when he went back to the Doom Dimension. He was later sent back in time before Balista was killed and warned him not to interfere with Wiseman until it was the right time. Once he realized he was sent back in time, he tried to warn Balista of his upcoming demise, but didn't have enough energy to keep the time warp open.

In Blast from the Past, Worton told the Brawlers of the time warp and they all went through. Worton and Betadron sacrificed themselves to keep the current open long enough for them all to get through, with Drago promising Betadron that they will succeed in defeating Mechtavius Destroyer once and for all.


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