Energy absorbed

Drago about to spawn Zenthon

The Chaos Energy is the central plot element featured in the first arc of the fourth season. It represents the manifestation of the lack and synchronization between a Brawler and his/her Bakugan, which spawns a Mechtogan. Mag Mel used it to break free from his inter-dimensional prison. When Mag Mel receives Chaos Energy, he seems to glow crimson red. This energy is earned by causing chaos with the Bakugan which makes both Mag Mel and Razenoid stronger.

They both use it to brainwash people via their Chaos Bakugan. Chaos Energy is also created when Mechtogan are spawned, since they are made from chaos. It was also revealed that fear can produce Chaos Energy too seen in Interspace Under Siege. Eventually, the chaos energy generated in Interspace and in New Vestroia gave Mag Mel enough energy to break free of their prison in A Hero Returns.

In Dangerous Beauty and Unfinished Business, Mag Mel killed his own subordinates, Sellon and Anubias to absorb their energies, that combined with the Gate and Key he and Razenoid have, he was finally reborn.


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