Attribute Darkus Darkus / Pyrus Pyrus hybrid
First appearance Next Stop Naga-Ville
Voiced by Takashi Kondō

Centorrior (Japanese version 'Faust' (ファウスト Fausuto)) is a centaur-like Darkus/Pyrus hybrid Bakugan created by Naga. He looks like he is a little bit more Darkus than Pyrus. He is a massive centaur-like Bakugan that carries a spear, which is similar to the one carried by Darkus Siege. Centorrior originally appears in the realm of Pyrus and Darkus alongside Druman.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers

When Dan Kuso and Drago first land in the realm of Pyrus and Darkus, they are attacked by a large flock of Darkus Gargonoids. Before they are set upon, however, Centorrior and his partner Druman appear and fend them off. However, Centorrior comments that it was for purely selfish reasons, as they wanted to fight Drago themselves without interference. Centorrior and Druman nearly overpower Drago until an old Pyrus Tigrerra named Nova Lion appears and rescues the two. Later, Masquerade arrives with Alpha Hydranoid to assist Dan. After trying a desperate maneuver, Masquerade seemed defeated and Drago and Dan had started to run away. Centorrior chased Dan, nearly catching him before learning he had been drawn into an ambush delivered by Alpha Hydranoid.

Druman and Centorrior later reappear in the real world and engage Dan and Runo in a battle. Centorrior brought his Darkus abilities to bear and attacked Blade Tigrerra. When the other brawlers are lured into the fight, Centorrior erected a barrier to prevent most of the Brawlers from helping Wavern. Once he was defeated by Drago, however, his barrier vanished.

Centorrior works as a team with Druman and the two get along very well together. The opposing correlation of their two elements, Pyrus and Darkus, makes them far more powerful than the other gate keepers and thus more dangerous. Centorrior takes on more of the role of a noble knight, strong and confident, but still dripping with evil. Unlike many of the other gatekeepers, Centorrior doesn't seem to have a preference for the abilities he uses.

Ability Cards
  • Vortex Dark Pyrus (Vortex Dark Nova): (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Inferno Shield (Diablo Shield): (Pyrus)
  • Vortex Energy Drain: (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Grand Down: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card. (Darkus)


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