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BK CD Centipoid
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Darkus Darkus
Subterra Subterra
Haos Haos
Aquos Aquos
Power 400 G
First appearance Runo Rules

Centipoid (Japanese version 'Centipede' (センチピード Senchipīdo)) is a centipede-like Bakugan.



It is based on the insect the Centipede.  It has two pincers that are larger than its head, which can penetrate hard armor. It has two tails that are razor sharp and antennas that sense predators miles away. It travels underground for sneak attacks and has an unbreakable, exoskeleton shell. It has fifteen pairs of legs.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Centipoid is a common Bakugan. It has been used by many Brawlers, but mainly Jewls, who has a Subterra Centipoid as her Guardian Bakugan. Billy Gilbert and Akira also have Subterra Centipoids. Chan Lee and Dan both had Pyrus Centipoids. Runo and Julio had their own Haos Centipoids. Kenji and Masquerade both have a Darkus Centipoid and Alice used a Darkus Centipoid (which she was afraid to use at first) in her battle with Klaus.

Another Darkus Centipoid was used by an illusionary Alice in Masquerade's battle with Exedra in Show Me What You've Got. An Aquos Centipoid was seen in Episode 46 when Marucho's Aquos Hazard changed Jenny's Subterra Centipoid into one, so it could participate in Marucho's Aquos Quadruple Chain Attack.

Ability Cards
  • Attractor: Another ally Bakugan (which has been stood on another Gate Card) can join Centipoid's battle, or Centipoid can move an enemy Bakugan to the gate card that Centipoid is on. (Subterra, Darkus)
  • Desert Hole: Centipoid can move to a different Gate Card. (Subterra)
  • Spiced Assault: Adds 100 Gs to Centipoid and subtracts 100 Gs from each opponent. (Darkus)
  • Grand Down: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card. (Darkus)
  • Quick Sand: The Bakugan with the lowest G-Power wins the game. (Subterra)
  • Darkus Gravity: Brings all of the enemy Bakugan to Centipoid's Gate Card. (Darkus)

The Evo Tournament

A Darkus Centipoid appeared as the Guardian Bakugan for a boy named Jack, who nicknamed it Crawler.


Centipoid was released in all Attributes, each ranging from 250 Gs to 540 Gs. Pyrus Centipoid (standard or Translucent) can be found with 540 Gs making it the strongest one.

In Japan, the Subterra version for BCV-06 and BCV-14 comes with 340 Gs and 500 Gs.

Centipoid was released in Series 3 of the Mega Keychain novelties.


  • Centipoid is based off the real world centipede.
  • Centipoid is seen in Pyrus form on the ability card Hurricane of fire.
  • In the Anime, Centipoid was seen in every attribute except Ventus.

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