BK CD Brontes
Variations Brontes
Mega Brontes
Alto Brontes

Brontes is a Bakugan. It evolved into Mega Brontes before the start of the anime series Bakugan: New Vestroia.


Together with Volt, Brontes brawls for the Vexos to eliminate the Resistance. Brontes is a Bakugan who uses his Loony Magical ability to eliminate his rival's offenses. This mammoth monster can fly by using the propeller sticking out of his head. His gigantic legs allow him to move quickly and avoid enemy attacks, and his long arms stretch out to wrap around opponents during battle.

Ultimate Handbook

Like Altair, Brontes is a mechanical Bakugan with a monstrous size. Even though it's large, it's fast. It can fly using the propeller on its head, and jump with its long legs to avoid an enemy attack. During battle, Brontes will stretch out its long arms and wrap them around an opponent.


The Haos version has 420 Gs and the Darkus version has 650 Gs or 590 Gs. The Ventus has 620 Gs. A BakuBronze Darkus version can have 510 Gs.


  • Brontes has more arms than its two other evolutions combined: Mega Brontes has two, Alto Brontes has four, while this one has eight arms.
  • Brontes, Nemus and Wilda weren't seen in the anime because they had evolved before the series began.
  • His ball form is similar to that of Nemus.
  • Brontes is named after one of the three younger cyclopes who forged Zeus' thunderbolt, Hades' helm of invisibility, and Poseidon's trident.

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