Brawler Game Pack (Japanese version 'Bakugan Game Pack' (爆丸ブローラーゲームパック, bakugan buroraa gemu pakku?)) is a Bakugan pack that has two Battle Gear and two Gundalian Invaders Bakugan. There are two versions of the Brawler Game Pack, the US version and the Japanese version.

US version

US version of Brawler Game Pack has two Battle Gear, two Gundalian Invaders BakuCore Bakugan, and one Super Assault Bakugan. It also includes two Bakugan Battle Gear Reference Cards, three Ability Cards, and three Gate Cards. The bag version is new to the collection.

Japanese version

The Japanese version of Brawler Game Pack doesn't have Super Assault Bakugan like the US version but another BakuCore Bakugan instead. It does not include any Battle Gear Reference Cards. It has six Ability Cards instead of three (two out six are for usage of Battle Gear) and three Gate Cards.