Boost Ingram
BK SA Boost Ingram
Variations Ingram
Cosmic Ingram
Boost Ingram
Flash Ingram
Master Ingram
Shadow Wing

Boost Ingram is a Bakugan and a variation of Ingram.



Boost Ingram has special wings to go fast, but uses lots of energy. Has thorns on its head for protection. It can call for friends when under attack by using its extremely loud bird call.


Boost Ingram is in the Special Attack series and it is able to jump before hitting a Gate Card. Its ball form is similar to Skyress. It was the first New Vestroia Special Attack Bakugan. In the commercial, it was called Jumper.

Its ball form is similar to that of Ingram's, but has two wings instead of six.


  • Its ball form looks similar to Skyress's.
  • It was the only Bakugan with the jumping ability in New Vestroia.

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