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  • Skarloey100

    Mylene's Levitation

    January 11, 2017 by Skarloey100

    Those who have watched NV must have noticed that in most of her fights, Mylene is seen floating over water without a proper explanation. Three theories could be because:

    A, She wears a device.

    B, It's a natural ability.

    C. Because she's an Aquos Brawler.

    First thing I'm gonna do is discard the device theory as the movement looks too natural. If all of this was because of technology then she would probably had some kind of jetpack or a noticable device.

    The natural theory makes sense if you look at the fact that Vestals are aliens, so there could be a possibility that they could have unnatural abilites just like Gundalians can shapeshift, generate electricity, breath under water or hypnotize victims. But my problem with it is then, why we haven'…

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  • Renardy

    idea: Deleted Scenes page

    January 2, 2017 by Renardy

    hello people, I have come to discuss adding a Scenes cut from the English Dub page on the wiki about scenes cut from the english dub of the Bakugan anime. You know stuff like Shuns mom dying

    what do you all think? Or will nobody care because who comes on bakugan wiki anymore right?

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  • Akwimos33

    They use three gate cards,three bakugans,ttwo abilities for each one in each round,gthe ate cards fuse,but if they aren't diagonal,they don't fuse,diagonal relation c are allowed,but not count as ability,you can switch a gate card that you have,with another one in your deck.

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  • Renardy


    December 25, 2016 by Renardy

    happy birthday guys

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  • Knyferios

    Now, incase you are wondering, spin master is doing a Bakugan Reboot in 2018, there are four possible settings this series could be in. Keep in mind that this is theory or speculation, it can be any of these or none of these.

    The most likely to happen, now, we aren't talking about Arcade Battler, or Battle Trainer, or RoTR or any of that, but there are two possible games to get ideas from if they are going to do an anime series on it.

    Bakugan: Battle Brawlers: Of course the video game version, it could be possible that the player may get an official name and Leonidas may get an official attribute. Considering the type of personality that our "colorful" Bakugan has here(By the way, yes, that was a pun). He might turn out different. Leonidas m…

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