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  • Zanka2222

    Okay, Bakugan has announced a reboot, so what? I feel that a reboot is good, but they didn't specify what kind of reboot is it. Looking at the new art of Dan, he looks very mature, cool and swag just from the art. Judging by that height, I assume he is more so a teen if not late teen. Dan is the go-to character throughout the 4 years of Bakugan anime, hence very likely he will be he face of Bakugan reboot again. Alright back to topic, when I said "never specify what kind of reboot it is", I meant on the ways of which Bakugan can be rebooted. 1. Gameplay Bakugan had actual proper gameplay from season 1-3. Season 4 was pretty much just mechtogan and in my opinion is quite boring. Not only that, mechtogans are a huge role and portion of seas…

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  • Abce2


    November 22, 2016 by Abce2

    Sorry for the short notice on this. But yes, there will be Thankskicking, I will be there as much as I am able to.

    This will be, what, the fifth annual Thankskicking? Wow, it's been a while.

    Hopefully someone will come.

    Cheers, Abce2|Talk Contributions 21:18, November 22, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Zanka2222

    Firstly, I would like to preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of Bakugan than and pretty much my childhood. Back then, Internet wasn't so advanced as today to rewatch those episodes once again. I have started out watching GI as a fabiaXshun person, now I have changed my perspective. Many hated fabiaXdan and sought for renXfabia or shunXfabia. I understand. But it sorta shows them not thinking properly. Firstly, look at fabia's character. She is a really complex character to understand properly. Runo and Mira, who have a crush on Dan, are pretty easy to understand and make conclusions, especially runo. The writers over the 3 season have made the female characters more difficult to understand. When it was fabia, she was insanely diffi…

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  • 4amaz

    Hey guys, it's 4amaz.

    Some of you may remember me from the end of August, when I posted about a Bakugan Reboot. It seems as if I (and the employee at Spin Master + forum owner mentioned) were right, so I am pretty happy that a bit more came to light.

    I just dug up my Bakugans today, and man oh man do I have more than I thought! I am hoping to play some more, maybe pick up some more too; you never know.

    I am hoping to lurk around to learn more about Bakugan since it has been at least half a decade since I have played! I hope to learn more about Bakugan.


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  • Geobuddyfight100

    Heres My favorite bakugan attributes hope you like it and please dont hate it or disaggred thank you and enjoy

    6 Aquos

    5 Ventus

    4 Haos

    3 Darkus

    2 Subterra

    1 Pyrus

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