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    Keith Strife

    Timargo ain't new

    November 7, 2014 by Keith Strife

    Long time no blog post or whatsoever!
    This isn't really something new but I just can't get this out of my head so I felt like I have to share it to the place which I think is most appropriate for Bakugan-related discussions.

    Anyone of you know about or had noticed Zuru's Timargo toys? Also known as those Fancy Projector balls or something. I came across them in the toy stores and I was instantly reminded of a certain set of Bakugan New Vestroia toys.

    Indeed, Bakugan did the idea in Japan years before Timargo was even drafted in the Zuru drawing boards. These were manufactured by Takara Tomy Arts

    The projected image don't have any G Powers but is crisp clear. Just like how every Timargo projection claimed to be.

    I used to have one, the Darkus P…

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    My timing, I must admit, is less than perfect from what I've been seeing on the activity feed as of late, but it's been a long time and for those of you still frequenting the site, perhaps we could catch up? I've been wondering about you all lately, what the friends I made back in the day are up to now. Or if nothing else, chat about random things like old times. If anyone does want to talk, I'll be keeping my eye on this site for a good while. 



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    October 22, 2014 by Drullkus

    What public social media accounts do you guys have? (No personal stuff, unless you really do want to expose that.) What wikis do you currently edit at?

    I can be found on Twitter at @Drullkus. I'm also available on the IRC. I'll be pretty much anywhere on the Minecraft Modded community.

    I'm highly active and an Admin on Battle Nations Wikia. I'm going to adopt the Plundernauts Wikia soon :D

    We should get together on the IRC around Thankskicking. The stubborn Wikia Chat doesn't like to work for me.

    [ Drullkus Industries. "Abusing infinity to new levels." 01:59, October 22, 2014 (UTC) ]

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         Hello guys, I know that I'm just new new here so I would like to share my very first picture of my Very First Dragonoid Destroyer

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    Ventus Cyborg Helios

    September 13, 2014 by Rocketfire.drago

    Hey guys, I have found a wierd bakugon in my bakugon collection. It is a cybord herlios with 700gs, ventus, but is without the chain.

    I purchased the product years ago in a local Walmart.

    It looked like this product, but is in a green shade, not turquoise. I have failed to find any info on it online.

    I have also discovered that my bakugon's attributes is printed on the wrong wing of the bakugon. It is not where the circle mold is, but on the other side without the circular mold.

    Is this a bakugon rareity? Or is this the work of some clever bakugon imposters?

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