Whoa, man! I'm dancing as fast as I can here! Time to make like an ostrich!

—Radizen as Betakor, Evil Evolution

Betakor BakuFusion
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Subterra Subterra
Variations Radizen
First appearance Combination Impossible

Betakor is a BakuFusion in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge consisting of Radizen and Roxtor.




Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


Betakor made its debut in Combination Impossible, where he battled against Volkaos and won.

In Enemy Allies, he fought against Mechtavius Destroyer alongside Magmafury but was defeated.

In Countdown to Doomsday, he battled against the Nonets alongside Magmafury and Aeroblitz. After the rogue Mechtogan were summoned, Slycerak ended up defeating him while Exostriker and Mandibor defeated Magmafury and Coredegon defeated Aeroblitz.

In The Eve of Extermination, he battled against the Nonets once again and later battled the rogue Mechtogan. Radizen and Marucho later create Flytris while Jaakor and Shun create Thorak. With their help, they were able to defeat Mechtavius Destroyer.

In Enemy Infiltration, he battled against Slycerak, Exostriker and Mandibor alongside Magmafury and Aeroblitz but ended up defeated.

In Evil Evolution, he fought against Mechtavius Destroyer alongside Dragonoid Destroyer, Flytris, Thorak, Magmafury and Aeroblitz. After putting up a good fight, he ends up being defeated.

In The Beginning of the End, he fought against Mechtavius Destroyer alongside Dragonoid Destroyer, Flytris, Thorak, Magmafury and Aeroblitz.

In End of the Line, he was seen watching Dragonoid Destroyer defeat Mechtavius Destroyer alongside the other brawlers.

Fusion Ability Cards
  • Abyss Render (Abyss Grander): (Aquos/Subterra)
  • Terra Blue: (Aquos/Subterra)


Betakor is made by folding Roxtor's "legs" out and under its body, then inserting Radizen into the peg on its face. Betakor's components have been released in every Attribute except Haos, and also in Baku Lava Storm and Baku Camo Surge.


  • His ability Terra Blue has a striking resemblance to Rock Wrecker and Stone Edge from Pokémon.

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