Behind the Mask of Masquerade is the 38th episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on July 24, 2008 in English.


Alice finally returns, and her memories are all hazy as to where she has been. As Runo comforts her, Alice says she feels like she has become a different person. After all, the Brawlers withdrew Alice from their suspects list on who is leaking information to Masquerade about them. Over at Dan's House, the Brawlers are watching the news reports about all the strange weather events occurring around the world. Suddenly from out of the blue, Joe is challenged by Masquerade (again) to a battle for control of the Infinity Core. Dan's decides to take on Masquerade in Joe's place, because Drago has evolved into an Ultimate Bakugan. Meanwhile at Runo's house, when Runo's mom was checking in on Alice, she discovers that Alice has disappeared (again). Dan meets Masquerade at Dome Stadium to battle. The others realize that it will be a tough battle between the first and second ranked brawlers. When the battle begins, the Brawlers learn that Dual Hydranoid has evolved into Alpha Hydranoid and Masquerade learns that Drago has evolved into Ultimate Dragonoid. The battle wages on and neither side is giving way, but the battle arena is slowly being destroyed by the clashing powers of the two powerful Bakugan. In the end Dan and Drago win. Masquerade finally sees that you don't always have to win and Dan asks him to join the team believing that they can help in the battle against Naga. But in a final twist, just as Masquerade is about to shake Dan's hand, he stops. Lifting his hand up to his mask, Masquerade tells Dan that joining the team wouldn't work out and he pulls off his mask. As Dan and the other Brawlers look on in shock Masquerade's hair color changes from yellow to red and falls down to rest at her shoulders. Masquerade has finally been unmasked and his identity is none other than... Alice!

Featured Brawls

Masquerade vs Dan Kuso

Round One

Masquerade throws Darkus Alpha Hydranoid: 550 Gs.

Dan throws Pyrus Ultimate Dragonoid: 550 Gs.

Masquerade activates the ability Destroy Vanish (Drago: 550 Gs- 5 Gs).

Dan opens his Gate Card (Drago: 0 Gs- 250 Gs).

Dan activates Ultimate Dragonoid (Drago: 250 Gs- 450 Gs) (Hydranoid: 550 Gs- 450 Gs).

The battle ends in a tie.

Round Two

Masquerade throws Darkus Alpha Hydranoid: 550 Gs.

Dan throws Drago: 550 Gs.

Masquerade opens his Gate Card (Hydranoid : 550 Gs- 750 Gs).

Dan activates Ultimate Dragonoid (Drago: 550 Gs- 750 Gs) (Hydranoid 750 Gs- 550 Gs).

Masquerade activates Terminal Trident (Drago: 750 Gs- 450 Gs).

Dan activates the Fusion Ability Exceed (Drago: 450 Gs- 650 Gs).

Masquerade activates the fusion ability Final Demolition (Hydranoid: 550Gs- 650 Gs).

The battle ends in another tie.

Round Three

Masquerade sets a Gate Card and throws Hydranoid: 550 Gs.

Dan throws Drago: 950 Gs.

Masquerade activates his Gate Card Wall Lock (Drago 950Gs- 550 Gs)

The battle ends in yet another tie.

Round Four

Dan and Masquerade both set a Gate Card and throw their Bakugan at the same time

(Drago: 550 Gs) / (Hydranoid: 550 Gs).

Dan activate the ability Ultimate Dragonoid (Drago: 550 Gs- 750 Gs).

Masquerade activates Terminal Trident (Drago: 750Gs- 450 Gs).

Dan opens his Gate Card (Drago: 450 Gs- 550 Gs).

Masquerade activates Final Demolition (Hydranoid: 550 Gs- 650 Gs).

Dan activates Exceed (Drago: 550 Gs- 750 Gs).


Dan and Drago win.

Bakugan Seen


Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 3822:16

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 38

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