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Bee Striker
BK CD BeeStriker
Attribute Ventus Ventus
Power 350 G
First appearance Duel in the Desert

Bee Striker (ビーストライカー Bīsutoraikā) is a wasp-like Bakugan which has a poisonous sting that can result in serious damage to other Bakugan.


Bee Striker is a massive Bakugan with gigantic wings and a huge stinger. It is a sleekly dangerous fighter with a lethal stinger used to greatly effect its opponents. Bee Striker uses its large wings to create a massive tornado to blow away and defeat its enemies.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

In the Anime, Bee Striker was used by a number of Ventus brawlers, such as Komba O'Charlie and Nene.

In A Place Far From Home, a Bee Striker was used by Shun’s young mother during a battle against him.

When Klaus challenged Alice to a battle he chose a Ventus Bee Striker from his collection for her.

Ability Cards
  • Reverse Blow: Bee Striker returns to its owner during a battle.
  • Scarlet Twister (Crimson Twister): Bee Striker can move any Bakugan on the field, but takes Bee Striker out of the brawl.


Bee Striker was released as part of the BakuClear Series. It is available in all Attributes, each ranging from 320 Gs to 640 Gs. Pyrus Bee Striker can be found with 640 Gs

In Japan, the Ventus version in BCV-02 comes with 270 G and 470 G.


  • Bee Striker is one of a few Bakugan that is seen in a single Attribute during Season 1.
  • Its Bakugan form is similar to that of Buz Hornix.

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