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Place your requests under a NEW header (under the correct area), and add your signature. Title your new header with your name, so we can distinguish it from the rest.


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Rollback (RFR)

Adminship (RFA)

Mohamed Aboulafaa Bouazza Drak

Hello everybody,i know that i made mistakes on this Wikia,and that i am only a starter,but people learn from their mistakes,i would like to try to be an Amdministrator,i would like to try to watch over the Wikia too,even if there is enough people who has this function,but more the number is higher,more it may better,so I hope that you accept my request,and I have no problem if you don't accept. Your faithfuly. Mohamed Aboulafaa Bouazza Drak

Hi. I'm going to have to decline, you've only just started editing. I'd like to see you have some more experience before I can trust you would know how to handle admin tools. Plus, for the amount of traffic this site gets, I'm not sure we even need another admin at this point. Abce2|Talk Contributions 00:40, February 4, 2017 (UTC)

Chat Moderator (RFCM)

Mohamed Aboulafaa Bouazza Drak

Hi everybody,If I am not promoted to be an Administrator,I would like to be a Chat Moderator,I am avaible for chat most of times,I have 341 edits,I've been here for eight months,I care about this Wikia,even if I did some mistakes before,but I learned from my mistakes,and I garante to you that you'll not regret,and if yout think that it's a bad idea,so at least try me,and then decide if you will turn a Moderator or not,I hope you accept my request and thanks. Mohamed Aboulafaa Bouazza Drak

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