Bakugan Launchers are used to launch Bakugan with power and accuracy.



Marucho created these launchers to give the Brawlers an advantage in Brawls. They are devices worn on the wrist that can be loaded with one Bakugan. The Bakugan is then launched onto a Gate Card. A different launcher that Masquerade and his followers used was made by Hal-G.

Owners of Bakugan Launchers

Battle Brawlers

Doom Beings

Other Users


  • Brawler Launchers: These are made in simple colors, usually white and the color of the brawlers attribute. They are triangular in shape. To load the Bakugan, there is a small sliding compartment that the Bakugan is placed in.
  • Masquerade Launchers: These are made in darker colors, usually black and a darker color of their attribute. They are round in shape. The Bakugan is placed in a hole on top then held in by a small plug.
  • Zenoheld's Gauntlet: A red, black, and gold Gauntlet that can launch Bakugan and Gate Cards.
  • BakuLaunch: It is a red and silver advanced version of the original Bakugan Launcher introduced in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Currently, only Rafe has been seen using it.

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