Bakugan Keychains are keychains with a Bakugan attached to it. There is a button at the bottom of the toy Bakugan that makes it open similar to the McDonald's Bakugan. It is not possible to properly roll these Bakugan and they cannot be used in a brawl. In size, they are in between a B2 and a Deka.

Types of Keychains

  • Series 1
  1. Pyrus Dragonoid
  2. Aquos Fear Ripper
  3. Haos Preyas
  • Series 2
  1. Darkus Dual Hydranoid
  2. Haos Tigrerra
  3. Ventus Skyress
  • Series 3
  1. Pyrus Centipoid
  2. Aquos Juggernoid
  3. Subterra Gorem
  • Series 4
  1. Pyrus Delta Dragonoid
  2. Ventus Storm Skyress
  3. Darkus Terrorclaw
  • Series 5
  1. Subterra Hammer Gorem
  2. Haos Blade Tigrerra
  3. Aquos Sirenoid
  • Series 6
  1. Pyrus Saurus
  2. Ventus Harpus
  3. Haos Tentaclear
  • Series 7
  1. Aquos Siege
  2. Subterra Cycloid
  3. Darkus Reaper


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