Bakugan Evil Twin Packs are Target exclusive packs that contains two versions of one Bakugan, the first being its normal version and the second being its evil twin. For example, an Evil Twin Pack could contain a normal Helix Dragonoid and an "evil" color schemed Helix Dragonoid or a normal Darkus Dharak and a White Pearl Haos Dharak.


An Evil Twin Coredem and Evil Lumino Dragonoid appeared in episode 13 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. They appeared because of Contestir's ability "Evil Copy".

List of Evil Twin Bakugan


  • On the package of Evil Twin Pack of Helix Dragonoid, there is a toy of Helix Dragonoid with his evil twin in the pack but two their Bakugan form picture on the pack shows Lumino Dragonoid and his evil twin instead of Helix Dragonoid.
  • Dharak's evil twin color somewhat resembles Wavern's color scheme.
  • Both Dharak and his evil twin are misplace together in the pack (For example, the picture on right shows Dharak, but the Bakugan that are put under the picture is Dharak's evil twin).
  • Only Evil Twin Dharak got its own attribute of Haos instead of copying Dharak's Darkus attribute.
  • So far the only evil twin Bakugan to appear in both the game and Anime is evil twin Coredem.




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