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Julie and Billy battling in the Bakugan Canyon

Bakugan Canyon (Jp. Bakugan Valley) is a canyon located in Australia, where Billy found Cycloid.

Later on, the Battle Brawlers go to Bakugan Valley, believing that the Infinity Core was located there. But it was a fool's errand, since all Julie wanted, was to get Dan alone, so the brawlers left quickly. Due to the terrain of the valley, the Bakugan found there are usually Subterra. Julie used to live near Bakugan Valley until she moved to Bayview like Dan.


Bakugan Canyon is very rocky and mountainous, due to this Subterra Bakugan could be found there. The color of the dirt in Bakugan Canyon is a reddish orange.


  • Bakugan Canyon is a rough terrain place a typical person won't go to. As shown when Julie tried to look for her Guardian Bakugan, there were scorpions, bats and other obstacles.
  • It is similar to Arizona's Grand Canyon.
  • The fact that the color of the dirt being reddish orange in Bakugan Canyon and that Bakugan Canyon located is in Australia might mean that Bakugan Canyon could be a reference to the large rock Uluru, (Ayers Rock) which is located in Australia as well.


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