Bakugan Brawler Evolution Packs are packs modeled after characters from the Bakugan anime. They each contain three translucent Bakugan of the same Attribute. They are basically Starter Packs, except with the Guardian Bakugan of a specific character. The packs also have a set of Gate and Ability Cards based on the character.

Packs Released


  • Angelo/Diablo Preyas, Apollonir, Dragonoid, Dual Hydranoid, Hydranoid, Ingram, Neo Dragonoid, and Storm Skyress were re-released as part of the Baku-Legacy Series.
  • Masquerade's evolution pack was the only way to get the original Hydranoid.
  • Both Dual Hydranoid and Alpha Hydranoid had their Heavy Metal parts replaced with plastic ones in Masquerade's pack.


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