Z-Kazarina's lab

The Bakugan Biological Research Center is a research center for Bakugan, run by Kazarina. Its location is unknown but is most likely near the area where Emperor Barodius lives in Gundalia.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

Even other Gundalians fear this place, shown by how it was described by Ren as a mad house.

When Jake Vallory and Coredem were captured by Kazarina, they were taken here to be brainwashed. Later after Dan and Drago were captured by Jake, they were brought here to be studied. Using Dan and Drago's genetics, the technology here forced Dharak to evolve into Phantom Dharak.

Now that Kazarina and four others out of the Twelve Orders are dead, it is unknown if experiments will continue to be conducted here or even if it will be used again. It is possible that Nurzak, as the new ruler of Gundalia, had the place decommissioned or used for something other then cruel experiments.

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