Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer is the second Bakugan video game, developed by Magic Pockets and published by Activision for the Nintendo DS in 2010. It is a minigame-based training simulator that has you train various Bakugan in order to make them stronger.


One month ago, a spaceship called the Dark Star has abducted most of the Earth's Bakugan. To make matters worse, Dan has forgotten all of that! In order to rescue the captive Bakugan, Dan will have to train himself and his Bakugan in order to beat the kidnappers, who call themselves the Regulars.

Near the finale, the Brawlers discovered that Professor Trecov is Vector, and he stole all Bakugan from Earth with his pals Aurock, Viper and Mantis. Vector reveals his plan to take the Silent Core and create the Ultimate Bakugan. After the final battle, he escaped while claiming revenge on Dan.

In the game's ending, Masquerade appears angered because of the Regulars' failure, revealing that they were working for Naga and the Doom Beings. Masquerade claimed to take down the Brawlers himself.

The game takes place between Bakugan Battle Brawlers episodes 37 and 38.


  • When you get Ultimate Dragonoid it is actually a Pyrus Naga in ball form.
  • When you train Angelo on "Defense", it shows Preyas, not Angelo.
  • When you train Warius on "Defense", it shows a Pyrus Warius rather than the Darkus one in the game.
  • When training a Subterra Bakugan on "Attack", the hologram is a Pyrus Saurus not a Subterra Saurus.

Bakugan and How to Unlock Them








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