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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Bakugan Battle Brawlers New VestroiaBakugannewvestroialogo
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Genre Adventure, Comedy
TV anime
Director Mitsuo Hashimoto
Studio TMS Entertainment
Japan Vistec
Licensor Nelvana
Network TV Tokyo
English network Teletoon
Cartoon Network
Original run April 12, 2009May 9, 2010
Episodes 52

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia (ニューヴェストロイア Nyū Vesutoroia) is the second season of the anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It introduced a new battle system, including Bakugan Traps. This season contains 52 episodes, and was later followed by Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.


Following the short return of peace on New Vestroia, calamity strikes them again. An alien race known as the Vestals have invaded and conquered New Vestroia, creating three Dimension Controllers to change the Bakugan them back into ball form and using the Bakugan as a form of entertainment. On top of that, five of the original Bakugan that helped restore order to New Vestroia have been captured, and Drago is now being targeted. With the help of Dan, Marucho, Shun, and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance—a group of Vestals who have discovered that Bakugan are sentient and are fighting for their freedom—Drago believes he will have enough power to not only free New Vestroia, but his friends as well.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance

BK WPS2 Heroes 800x600

The Resistance

Pyrus Dan Kuso: The 15-year-old leader of the Battle Brawlers, top-ranked brawler on Earth, and the master of Pyrus Bakugan. He is partnered with Pyrus Neo Dragonoid, who gained a new form after agreeing to separate from the Perfect Core. His Bakugan Trap is Pyrus Scorpion.

Aquos Marucho Marukura: The seventh-ranked brawler on Earth. Marucho also returns. A wise, 14-year-old brawler, he battles with Aquos Bakugan. He is now partnered with Aquos Elfin.

Ventus Shun Kazami: The third-ranked brawler on Earth. Shun a 16-year-old brawler who returns to Vestroia along with Dan and Marucho. He's still the strong, silent type, and skilled with Ventus Bakugan. After being separated from Skyress, he is now partnered with Ventus Ingram, and his Bakugan Trap is Ventus Hylash.

Subterra Mira Clay: The 15-year-old daughter of Professor Clay, sister of the disappeared Keith Clay, and the leader of the Resistance. She is accepted by the Brawlers, but not entirely trusted.

Darkus Ace Grit: Handsome but sarcastic, he favors the Darkus attribute and is usually deep in thought, but isn't as good at talking and sometimes ends up regretting his words.

Haos Baron Leltoy: A Vestal boy and a big fan of Dan, Marucho, Shun and Drago. He is kind and loyal to the Brawlers, and is around 12-13 years old.


Pyrus Zenoheld: Prince Hydron's father and the ruler of the Vestals, who aims to rule the Bakugan. As the Resistance continues foiling his plans, his revenge becomes ever more extreme. In the second arc of New Vestroia, after the Vexos had been driven out of Vestal, Zenoheld becomes the group's Pyrus brawler.

Subterra Hydron: The leader of the Vexos who possesses the statues of the petrified Brawling Bakugan: Runo's Tigrerra, Julie's Gorem, Marucho's Preyas, Shun's Skyress, and Alice's Hydranoid—and he is currently setting off to complete his collection by getting his hands on Dan's Drago. After being disowned by Zenoheld between the first and second arcs, Hydron has become the Vexos' Subterra brawler to redeem himself.

Bakugan: Dryoid

The Vexos

V from Vexos

Pyrus Spectra Phantom: Spectra is part of the evil Vexos organization. He is mysterious and wears a mask, battling with the Pyrus attribute. Despite Hydron's instructions, Spectra seems to have plans of his own for Drago, and is obsessed with making the ultimate Bakugan.

Aquos Mylene Farrow: Strong and loyal to the Vexos, she doesn't trust Spectra, sees Hydron as a spoiled brat, and has her own agenda. She is obsessed with power and views Bakugan with emotions as weak.

Haos Volt Luster: Preferring to battle with his strength rather than his mind, Volt uses Haos Bakugan. However, he is much more compassionate than this compatriots and plays fair, much unlike the rest of the group.

Subterra Gus Grav: A macho Subterra Brawler who is powerful in battle. He is very loyal to Spectra and is willing to do anything for him.

Darkus Shadow Prove: Shadow was a part of the evil Vexos organization. He battles with Darkus attribute, and is cruel and merciless in battle.

Ventus Lync Volan: Lync is part of the evil Vexos organization. He uses Ventus Bakugan and thinks he's unbeatable. He barely even tries to hide how self-serving he is, and gloats about how he only works for himself.

Minor Characters

Professor Clay: Mira Clay and Keith Clay's father. He works in a lab in Alpha City, creating and testing on Bakugan. He no longer cared about his children's welfare, instead caught up with making the strongest and perfect Bakugan.

Haos Runo Misaki: The sixth-ranked brawler in the world, one of the original Battle Brawlers, and Dan's girlfriend. Her Bakugan is Blade Tigrerra.

Subterra Julie Makimoto: The eighth-ranked brawler in the world, a Battle Brawler, and Billy's girlfriend. Her Bakugan is Hammer Gorem.

Darkus Alice Gehabich: The second-ranked brawler in the world (as Masquerade) and a Battle Brawler. Her former alter-ego, Masquerade, still exists in her mind, even though he can no longer possess her like he had in the previous season. Her Bakugan is Alpha Hydranoid.

Aquos Klaus von Hertzon: Klaus has moved to Vestal, where he runs a successful business. He saved Ace from Mylene and Macubass, partnered once again with Aquos Sirenoid. His Bakugan is Sirenoid.

Pyrus Chan Lee: One of the former top-ranked brawlers, she makes an appearance to assist Alice. Her relationship with Joe Brown, as established from the ending of the previous season, is unknown. Her Bakugan is Fourtress.

Subterra Billy Gilbert: Billy is Julie's boyfriend who, for most of the season, had been traveling the world to learn other sports and occasionally sent Julie postcards. He makes a return in episode 37, where he and Julie brawl against Ace to test him. His Bakugan is Cycloid.

New Battle System

(Note: this system has been used in seasons 3 - 4 as well)

  • This battle system has a Life Gauge with 500 life points. It will decrease when your Bakugan loses battles (e.g. damage is 350 Gs, 500-350=150). When a players Life Gauge hits zero, that said player loses.
    • In Tag Battles, players with zero life points cannot participate anymore.
  • Unlike the original version, defeated Bakugan can be returned to battle in the next round.
  • Only one Gate Card is set at a time, or not at all. There is no limit to how many Bakugan can stand on one card.
  • If the winning Bakugan's G-Power is 500 or more than the losing Bakugan, that said Bakugan will go to the winner. There have been times this rule wasn't enforced, however.
  • You're allowed as many abilities as you want. The general rule is that each card can only used once per round, though there have been some exceptions.
  • The Brawlers need a Gauntlet to start each battle. The phrase to begin is: "Gauntlet, Power Strike!"


Main article: Episodes#Season 2: New Vestroia

There are a total of 52 episodes in New Vestroia; although there were originally only going to be 26 episodes, the series was extended by Teletoon due to the high ratings it received on Canadian television.


Bakugan for New Vestroia are BakuNeon (Set E), BakuBronze (Set F), BakuGlow (Set G), BakuSteel (Set H), Set I, and Set J.


  • Very rarely, Japanese anime first airs in another country before being broadcast in its original country. New Vestroia is one of those rare occurrences, because the first season was a flop in Japan, so Teletoon aired it first in Canada to test its popularity abroad. After seeing how successful it was worldwide, even meriting a series extension, the Bakugan anime was given another chance in Japan. By the time Japan aired the first episode, Canada had already reached the forty-second episode a few days before that.
  • This is the only season that has both main villains use a Pyrus Attributed Bakugan rather than the Darkus Attribute, like in the other seasons.
  • This is also is the only season where the last member to join the six main brawlers is their Ventus brawler instead of their Darkus brawler.
  • This season has a particular focus on the familial ties with the Vexos, between the Clay family (Mira, Spectra/Keith, and their father) and Zenoheld and Hydron. Mira's relationship with Spectra is an important part of her character, while Hydron's relationship with his father is a large part of the second arc.

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