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Bakugan: Defenders of the Core
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Wii Box art
Release Date November 2, 2010
Genere Action/ Sci-Fi Fantasy/ Adventure
ESRB Rating E10+: Fantasy Violence
Available on Nintendo DS (NDS), Nintendo Wii (Wii), Play Station Portable (PSP), Play Station 3 (PS3), and Xbox 360

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core is a multi-console game that was released on October 19, 2010 at GameStop, October 26, 2010 at Walmart and Target, and November 2, 2010 at Toys "R" Us. It is the third Bakugan video game following Bakugan Battle Brawlers (video game) and Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer. It is based on the second series. It was released for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PSP, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core brings gamers into a fast binding action adventure to save the Earth from Zenoheld, Spectra, and their Vexos minions. Players create a new hero and discover new aspects of Bakugan by having full control over the creatures when taking on the opponents. For fans who get the DS version, they will take advantage of the dual screens. The game has split-screen multiplayer, head to head battles, and free for all. There is also a Collector's Edition that comes with a figure of a Bakugan. There is a large variety of figures, including a Pyrus Neo Dragonoid, Subterra Centipoid, Aquos Limulus, Subterra Cycloid, Subterra Hammer Gorem, Haos Blade Tigrerra, Darkus Laserman, Ventus Ingram, Ventus El Condor, Aquos Preyas Angelo, Aquos Preyas Diablo, and many more.


The game follows a story arc from Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia not followed in the Anime. When Bakugan Interspace has a malfunction, the player is sent to an alternate Earth. In this Earth, the Resistance lost to the Vexos. After that the Vexos took over Earth. The Resistance has been fighting the Vexos and they got hit with a beam used by the Vexos' newest creation, the Vexos Crystal, which breaks the Resistance's Gauntlets and leaves them unable to brawl. Due to the player not being affected by the beams, he decides to help the Resistance defeat the Vexos and also tries to find a way home. This is also your game character.


Story Mode

In Story Mode you travel the world as the main character attaining stealth to hide from security drones patrolling the cities of Earth as you collect Core Energy, which can be used to upgrade the Player's Bakugan. Using your Bakugan as tools, you take down laser traps and other security devices to get to the battle scenes and find chests that give the player ability cards, Vexos passes that allow the player to get past the security guards if caught, and collectable metal figures of the Bakugan.

Battle Mode

The new Battle Mode uses a new fighting engine similar to that of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games. Ability Cards are now used to perform extremely powerful attacks and Bakugan are now able to be captured.

During the battles, the player has to destroy Vexos Crystals to finish the brawl; In most cases this will be during the Story Mode or else it will keep re-spawning enemies. The player also has to protect a landmark, a single solitary building designated by Abyss. Destruction of this landmark leads to an immediate loss. However, the player can build hologram towers that act as distractions for the enemy and acts as a decoy for the landmarks until they are destroyed. Both the Vexos Crystals and the Landmarks come in the Six Attributes which offer certain advantages over other attributes.

Outside of the story mode, there are three different battle modes. There is Duel, which is two Bakugan fighting until one is knocked out. There is Free For All Mode, which is four Bakugan fighting each other for the most points that are earned through hitting and defeating the other Bakugan within the time limit. Finally, there is Destruction Battle, which is two players trying to gain more points than the opponent by hitting and destroying Vexos Crystals within the time limit.

Attribute Advantages

  • Pyrus: Strong against Darkus and weak against Aquos.
  • Aquos: Strong against Pyrus and weak against Ventus.
  • Ventus: Strong against Aquos and weak against Subterra.
  • Subterra: Strong against Ventus and weak against Haos.
  • Haos: Strong against Subterra and weak against Darkus.
  • Darkus: Strong against Haos and weak against Pyrus.





  • Abyss is the core energy goddess-guardian on Earth which only the player character can hear and see. When he starts to hear her, the other Brawlers begin to think he is crazy. Abyss is a light blue spirit that asks the Player Character to help rebuild the landmarks. The Vexos however continue using energy from Abyss for their own purposes.


Note: In the Japanese version the main six Resistance Brawlers' Bakugan's Evolved forms use the correct ball forms.


Voice Cast

English Version

Daron Jennings as The Player
Awwab Bukhari as Dan
Melissa Hutchison as Marucho
Brian Sommer as Drago
Gavin Hammon as Ace
Stephanie Komure as Baron
Sarah Tancer as Mira
Lea Gulino as Abyss
Amy Rubinate as Gauntlet
Roger Jackson as Helios


  • None of the voice actors from the anime reprise their roles in the game.
  • Traps only appear as enemies in the game, and are not playable.
  • After Drago evolves, you can choose which Resistance Bakugan to evolve next until they are all evolved.
  • All of Maxus Helios's Bakugan except Helios himself are referred to as Bakugan Traps in the game.
  • In the Collection Box, Maxus Dragonoid is shown with Neo Dragonoid, whereas when Maxus Dragonoid is used in battle, it is built around Cross Dragonoid, though in Bakugan form, it appears to be Neo.
  • None of the Bakugan's ball forms have the correct coloring from the anime. They are instead based on their toy forms, using the more standardized color schemes. Additionally, Neo Dragonoid has the blocky claws instead of the more realistic ones present in the anime, and Percival has the less rounded head present on his toy form, rather than the head design used in the anime.
  • Altair, Helios, and Hades do not have the "turbine" effect when they stand.
  • Drago and Percival do not spin when they stand.
  • The characters wear their gauntlets for the entirety of the game, similar to how Baku-Pods and BakuMeters are worn, while in the anime, they usually only use their gauntlets in battle.
  • All of the Attribute advantages are either the opposite advantages (ex. Pyrus-Aquos) or the dual Attributes that belong to the hybrid Bakugan from season 1. (Darkus-Pyrus, Aquos-Ventus, Haos-Subterra).
  • Wired is counted as a core Bakugan, but cannot be unlocked for play outside of story mode.
  • It is unknown how it is possible to take away the ability to brawl. This would mean you no longer have the ability to say 'Bakugan Brawl' and throw your Bakugan. It would make more sense for the Bakugan's ability to brawl to be taken away.
  • Strangely, the evolved Resistance Bakugan are referred to by their proper names on the Bakugan selection screen, but in the Collection Box, they are referred to by the names of their placeholder ball forms. For example, Cross Dragonoid is referred to as such on the selection screen, but in the collection box he is referred to as Hyper Dragonoid.

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