Baku Sky Raiders (Japanese version 'Jumping Sole' (ジャンピングソール)) are a new Special Treatment involving jumping Bakugan. It was released in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. The series was officially released in August 2011, although it was seen in stores earlier in some places. Their phrase for standing is "Bakugan Brawl, Baku Sky Raider Jump!". Starting in Arc 2 of Mechtanuim Surge Baku Sky Raiders become the most common type of special treatment.

List of Baku Sky Raiders Bakugan

Baku Sky Raiders Remakes (Unreleased)

Baku Sky Raiders Combinations


  • In the anime, whenever a Sky Raider stands, the Brawler says "Baku Sky Raider, jump!". It is unknown if this is what triggers the jump mechanism in the anime, because when a Sky Raider is used on a Battle Suit, the Brawler does not say "jump", and it stays on the suit.
  • Even though they are considered a Special Treatment, they are also considered to be Core Bakugan as well.

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