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'Power, technique, strategy.

Only Bakugan has elements of all sports and games. Reigning from the peak is what we call BakuTech!

Harou Kido, Quoted in the opening of every episode

BakuTech! Bakugan
TV anime
Director Takao Kato (main)
Studio Shogakukan
Licensor Coro Coro
Network TV Tokyo
Original run April 7, 2012March 30, 2013
Episodes 51

'BakuTech! Bakugan' (爆TECH! 爆丸 Bakūtekku! Bakugan) is a Japanese action adventure anime television series and a spin-off of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers series. It's based on the manga series BakuTech! Bakugan.

It is followed by a sequel titled BakuTech! Bakugan Gachi.


The TV Anime adaptation of the BakuTech manga series follows the daily lives of Harubaru Hinode, Raichi Kuronashi and Tatsuma as students of Master Shimo's Bakugan Dojo. Each six-minute episode features different BakuTech play styles and fast-paced brawling action.


Position Name
Supervisor Takao Murakami
Wataru Satou
Makoto Jinguji
Working Drafts Takeshi Akimoto
Akira Shibata
Bakugan Advisor Takashi Tsuchiya
Series Composition Mayori Sekijima
C.G. Director Hiroshi Nishimura
Character Design Yuuka Asai
Art Director Chieko Nakamura
Color Design Kunio Tsujita
Sound Director Takashi Kouji
Director of Photography Mayumi Kaneko
Animation Production Shogakukan Musical and Digital Entertainment
Animation Producer Tetsuo Uchida
Musical Composer Shuuhei Naruse
Supervisor Takao Kato

Voice Cast

List of Characters

Team Dragaon

Shadow Sanjushi


Other Characters

Major Differences from the Manga

  • A lot of Bakugan in the anime replace the roles of some Bakugan in the manga (i.e.: Mika Laurel replaces Mega Nemus a lot of the time).
  • The first half of the anime involves the Shadow Sanjushi instead of the BakuThiefs whereas in the manga, it is the other way around.
  • Tatsuma appears in the first episode of the anime and has appeared in every episode since. However, in the manga, he does not appear for a while.
  • The BakuTech Colisseo chapters were skipped so Harou Kido was the three-time champion in the anime instead of just two.
  • The Rare Bakugan Hunters are yet to make an appearance but their Guardian Bakugan are often used for target practice in the Bakugan Dojo and in Quilt's Temple.
  • In the manga, Van Falco evolved because Sho used a machine to repair Van Falco after Catol destroys it. In the anime, it naturally evolves after Sho defeats Koh in a brawl.
  • In the manga, Master Jyou never switches places with Master Shimo.
  • In the manga, the Shadow Sanjushi get their Sechs Tavanel at the same time as Team Dragon.
  • In the manga, Tatsuma takes a trial to become a BakuTech, and gets metal cross parts. In the anime, it is unknown how he got his metal cross parts, but it is hinted that Harou Kido gave them to him.
  • In the manga the fight with the Grif brothers newly evolved bakugan is shorter
  • In the manga, the fight with Master Grizz and Master Odore is shorter.
  • In the manga Mr Up is met at Odore and Grizzs' temple
  • in the manga the Tavanel Cup starts with Mr Up and Downs' arc in the anime
  • Zakuro's possession takes place at the Tavanel cup in the manga.
  • Raichi's dark past is not talked about in the anime.

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