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Bakumeter A

The BakuMeter is a more portable and improved version of the BakuPod and the Gauntlet, and is used in Gundalian Invaders and Mechtanium Surge. It can project Synthetic Bakugan and Bakugan Battle Gear. Along with Ability Cards and BakuNano in Mechtanium Surge. The screen automatically switches around from a keypad to a touch screen that projects Synthetic Bakugan. In Twin Evil, Zenet used it to stop time like a Gauntlet. Ren can use his to open a doorway into the Twelve Orders secret hiding spot in Bakugan Interspace. It resembles a BakuPod fused with the Gauntlet.

In Mechtanium Surge, it has been replaced by the BakuColars as the primary brawling tool.

It can give you ten DNA Codes for Bakugan Dimensions that are Clear Bakugan. They are three-digit codes.

Like the Gauntlet, it is not actual size. It has been seen at Toys 'R' Us for $20. It is also sold at Wal-Mart for $25. Entering the ten-digit DNA Code found on your BakuMeter unlocks the special three-digit code entry at any DNA Code Entry Console in Bakugan Dimensions, and completes the requirements for the Proud BakuMeter Owner achievement. Starting in Decoy Unit the Brawlers use something similar to it in their Castle Knights uniforms. The Gundalians use their hands to get Battle Gear and that may be what they will do for the rest of the Gundalian Invaders episodes. The Ability Card that it comes with is BakuMeter Blast!. In the anime, only the humans and the Neathians use BakuMeters, though Neathian BakuMeters are crystals. The Gundalians use their hands to summon their Battle Gear.


  • The BakuMeter is the only Brawler Gear to be used in more than one season.
  • The BakuMeter is also the only Brawler Gear to have the most designs (The Earth version in Gundalian Invaders, the Castle Knight version and the Earth version in Mechtanium Surge).

DNA Codes in the BakuMeter

  1. Actual BakuMeter code
  2. Clear Aranaut
  3. 1000 BakuCoins
  4. Clear Snapzoid
  5. 2000 BakuCoins
  6. Clear Dharak
  7. 3000 BakuCoins
  8. Clear Hakapoid
  9. 4000 BakuCoins
  10. Clear Strikeflier

Entering a BakuMeter code also unlocked the "Proud BakuMeter Owner" achievement in Bakugan Dimensions.