BakuGranite is a series of minor Special Treatment Bakugan. It is a type of Stealth Bakugan. It was previously known as "Gray Stone Bakugan" in Bakugan Dimensions.

Waves and Color Variation

Wave 1 BakuGranite have a style of a rock or stone color and with black dots all around the Bakugan. All Wave 1 BakuGranites were Haos. These are Strikeflier, 770 Gs, and Dharak, 750 Gs.

Wave 2 BakuGranite have a style of magma or fire color with black dots all around the Bakugan. This gave them a Pyrus look. These are Darkus Krakix 790 Gs and Subterra Sabator 800 Gs.

In Wave 3, Avior and Phosphos were featured. They are rust orange colored with red and bronze spots mixed throughout. Avior has 800 Gs and Phosphos has 790 Gs; they are both Subterra.

Bakugan Included

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