For the Booster Pack, see BakuCore (Gundalian Invaders).

BakuCore is a series of Bakugan Special Treatments. The special Bakugan in this series have a black, dark brown or silver if it's Darkus shading. It looks partly BakuSteel and partly a normal Bakugan. A Darkus BakuCore Bakugan, due to its black coloring, looks nearly identical to a BakuSteel Bakugan. There are several types of BakuCore and are sold with the same type. These were the closest to regular treatment Bakugan in the B3 Waves.

BakuCore is called "Battle Damage version" [バトルダメージバシオン] in Japanese Expansion Packs (BCVs) wherein "Battle Damage" Pyrus Ultra Dragonoid and Subterra Thunder Wilda can be found.


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