BakuCoins were the currency used on the now-defunct Bakugan Dimensions and looked like little gold coins. They could be used to buy items from stores, new moves, or buy/upgrade Fighting Styles.

BakuCoins were collected after battling another Brawler or NPC; the higher the opponent's level, the higher the coin reward. Some quests given out by NPCs could also give you BakuCoins. They could also be acquired by purchasing BakuMorph, Deka Bakugan, and Card sets. They were often given out during in-game events like Tournaments. Entering a Bakugan that hadn't been uploaded to Dimensions also gave BakuCoins. Every other BakuMeter code includes a BakuCoin code.

There was a drawing every Thursday on Bakugan Dimensions, where a random person's name would be drawn, and that person received 50,000 BakuCoins.

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