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Asteria is an antagonist in the video game Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. She is an Aquos brawler who uses Krakenoid as her Guardian Bakugan.

Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance

Asteria first appeared in the Hurranian base hidden in lake, asking Ceros how could he let the traitor android escape. After hearing Cero's excuse, she sent Typhoon to capture her.

After both Typhoon and Ceros failed to retrieve the duplicator, Asteria herself faced Dan, Eva, and their new partner Mira. She declared that they may have escaped her colleagues, but they will not escape from her. After she lost, she hit Eva's ship with her Krakenoid and escaped.

Later in Omnicron, after Dan and Eva learn about the location of Marucho and went to his help. Asteria once again appeared in front of them, telling them that she knew thay were there. She challenged Dan to a fight, but this time Dan had found a Bakugan Trap inside the Omnicron Lab that gave him the advantage of the battle. Asteria swore revenge, and escaped once again.

When Marucho was finally rescued from Typhoon and joined the team, Asteria faced them again, this time with more improved Bakugan. She battled against Marucho, but was defeated due to Eva's assistance. After the loss she had no choice than to escape.

Asteria later appeared in a transmission in their hidden base, admitting to General Phobos that they have failed.

Later on the Lake, when the Brawlers were pursuing Asteria to their hidden base on the Lake, Asteria tried to abstaculize them, but they still managed to reach her. She had no choice than face them, and escaped after being defeated.

Asteria was behind Dr. Xeron when the Brawlers reach her. She, alongside Ceros, were ordered to leave them, saying that that battle was between Xeron and them.

Asteria was alongside Typhoon and Dr. Xeron when Dr. Xeron was communicating with Emperor Hurranos, who told him that they were almost ready to generate their six invasive armies, revealing that the Hurranians were planning to invade Vestal. When the Brawlers tried to stop Xeron from leaving the place, Asteria stopped them, and faced them in a battle. After she was defeated, Mira pushed her towards the portal.

She appeared in the Lake after Typhoon was defeated. Asteria was eager for a battle against Brawlers using her most powerful Bakugan, Aquos Krakenoid, but ultimately lost. She asked the forgiveness of her Emperor, but he ignored her plead and killed her.



  • In Greek mythology, Asteria is the Titan of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.