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Assail System
Farbros and the Assail System connected
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Anime Power 4200 Gs
Variations Assail Farbros
First appearance Six Degrees of Destruction

The Assail System is Mechanical Bakugan Trap-like equipment, which combines specifically with Farbros. It is similar to Battle Gear and Battle Suits. The Assail System comes out of nowhere in two parts and combines with Farbros. When combined with Farbros, Farbros gains 4200 Gs and is called Assail Farbros. It was created by Professor Clay for King Zenoheld. In Ultimate Weapon, the Assail System comes off Farbros and is replaced with the Alternative Weapon System. It has been scattered across the galaxy or possibly destroyed in the blast of the Alternative.


  • The jet pack of the Assail System bears striking resemblance to the boosters for Aile Strike Gundam in the Gundam universe.