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{{Infobox Bakugan
| image = [[File:BK_SA_Infinity_Dragonoid.png|250px]]
| color text = white
| color = red
| attribute = Pyrus
| variations = [[Dragonoid]]<br>[[Delta Dragonoid]]<br>[[Ultimate Dragonoid]]<br>[[Infinity Dragonoid]]<br>[[Spin Dragonoid]]<br>[[Neo Dragonoid]]<br>[[Hyper Dragonoid]]<br>[[Pyro Dragonoid]]
| power = 1000
In the anime [[Bakugan Battle Brawlers]], {{nihongo|'''Infinity Dragonoid'''|インフィニティ・ドラゴノイド|Infiniti Doragonoido}} is the fourth and final evolution of [[Dragonoid]].
When Wavern gave the Infinity Core to [[Drago]], he turned into an Infinity Dragonoid. He gained a gigantic power level (1000 Gs) and also has a diamond shaped gem on his chest (which Ultimate Dragonoid lacks). When Drago gained the Infinity Core he could use all of the elemental attacks and a new attack that fuses all of the Bakugan attributes together called Dextra Attack. Some of his elemental attacks include:
;Ability Cards
* '''Dive Fleet''':Shuts down opponents abilities and Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Infinity Dragonoid. ([[Aquos]]).
* '''Fire Grandam''':Transfers 200 Gs from opponent to Infinity Dragonoid ([[Subterra]]).
* '''Aerodragon''':Transfers 200 Gs from opponent to&nbsp;Infinity Dragonoid ([[Ventus]]).
* '''Lunatic Burst''':Transfers 200 gs from opponent to&nbsp;Infinity Dragonoid&nbsp; ([[Darkus]]).
* '''Flame Striver''':Adds 400 Gs to Infinity Dragonoid. ([[Haos]]).
* '''Burning Dragonia''':Adds 400 Gs to Infinity Dragonoid. ([[Pyrus]]).
* '''Melting Burst''':Dragonoid's base G-Power X 5. ([[Pyrus]]).
* '''Infinity Demon''':Adds 1000 Gs to Infinity Draganoid. ([[Infinity|Infinity Core]])
* '''Dragoon Infinity''':Decreases opponent power to&nbsp;0 and increases Dragonoid's power by 500 Gs
;Fusion abilities
* '''Dextra Attack''': +1800&nbsp; and fuses all six abilities (all atributes).
The Toy version of Infinity Dragonoid is different then the Anime Infinity Dragonoid.&nbsp; It is a [[Heavy Metal]] [[Special Attack]] Bakugan. It is on the New Vestroia Bakugan poster.
It appears as Pyrus, Aquos, and Darkus.
[[Video:Heavy Metal Infinity Dragonoid -|thumb|300px|right]]
File:Infinity Dragnoid.jpg
{{Main characters}}
[[Category:Evolution Bakugans]]
[[Category:Evolution Bakugans]]

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